Accent for Actors

An exciting and practical approach to achieve perfection of a chosen accent. You will explore the muscularity, movement and oral space of the accent as well as musicality (intonation) and rhythm (stress use). The accent needs to land fully in the whole body as well as in the speech muscles. Phonetics can be used effectively if desired by the student. We will look at vowel and consonant changes through the use of recordings of the accent.



In the session you will learn how to analyse an accent and explore methods to reproduce it yourself. Every actor works in different ways (phonetics might not be your favourite thing) so we will adapt to how you learn in the most effective way. Understanding and mastering an accent involves looking at the use of the articulation muscles, resonance, pace, rhythm and intonation. The shape and space with the mouth will create a specific set of vowels and consonants but the rest of the body and gestures also have an impact on the quality of your accent.