“It’s always a genuine pleasure working with Ingrid Gray. An extremely knowledgeable and talented voice coach, with a wonderfully calm and supportive manner…a genuine expert in her field.”
Johnny Harris

“I have collaborated with Ingrid on several occasions for voice coaching. I felt very comfortable working with Ingrid and she makes the process interesting and achievable, she listens and offers notes that are none too complex to follow but easy to adapt to. I would recommend her expertise to those who wish to feel confident with their chosen accent in auditions and on set.”
Jo Hartley

Ingrid is an excellent professional voice coach. Coming from Australia and seeking to master RP Ingrid quickly identified a series of ‘changes’ that were required to adjust my native vocal pattern and developed a plan we could follow to gauge progress. The vocal work from the outset was focused on text I had chosen, applying physical and phonetic challenges to iron out issues. Recording the lessons allowed me to go back and practice the suggestions Ingrid identified, which allowed me to make rapid progress. Ingrid is great to work with, she understands an actor’s challenges – applying voice to physical and emotional work. Highly recommended!
Benjamin Altamira

“Ingrid is one of the best voice coaches I have worked with. Her sessions are always relaxed and enjoyable and I find that she has an astute attention to detail whereby she can hone in on the smallest detail which make the accent we are working on at that given time seamless and easy, just allows it to flow. She comes up with clever approaches to the work and even encourages me to record myself in free flow outside of our sessions and send them to her so she can see the difference between my work in class and real life. Basically, she goes that extra mile and thinks outside the box so that she can give each student what she feels are their specific needs. Ingrid caters for the individual. I would recommend her to anyone.
Charlotte Peters