Presentation skills

Enhance presence and impact through a range of powerful exercises.

Presenting to an audience or even speaking at meetings can be a challenge for many people. It is common to feel nervous or disconnected from the audience.

Do you:

  • Hold your breath?
  • Stumble on words
  • Speak quickly?
  • Ramble?
  • Go blank?
  • Move/gesticulate too much?

Nerves are good if they do not obstruct communication. Many people recognise these issues when speaking in public but there are actually simple and wonderful means to find enjoyment in speaking to audiences.

Enhancing presence and impact through a range of powerful exercises and techniques suited to individual needs makes communication a joyful experience, one of ease and connection to the material and the audience. Vocal and physical techniques relax participants to trigger natural abilities that charm and captivate an audience. Sessions develop confidence and ability to communicate chosen messages leaving a positive and lasting impression on your audience .